There are many questions begging to be answered. However, there is one question that is the
basis for all others. Anatomically modern humans appeared roughly 200,000 years ago. For
150,000 years there was little difference between what has been called archaic humans and
modern ones.Their tool kits were basically the same and there is little evidence that they
behaved differently.

Then roughly 50,000 years ago in the relative blink of an eye all that changed. Creativity
for the sake of creativity burst onto the scene and totally engulfed what is generally
acknowledged as a small population.

Written on Jul 19, 2010 By Dan O'Connor

How to build your own social media platform

I Took a Break.
After six months of Joomla, WordPress, HTML, CSS, blog posts, Facebook, Twitter, web hosting, auto responders, online forums, etc. etc. I stopped-Cold turkey and made something real.

Brain Dead
There is a valid argument that words and media on a computer screen are real creations-You will get no argument from me. But in my own personal physiological make up, creating something that is not three dimensional can be less than satisfying.
Plus, sitting and staring at a screen with only my brain working is exhausting.

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Written on Jun 05, 2010 By Dan O'Connor

All I Wanted was a Smarter Sexier Phone

Many people think that since I make blades in a traditional manner and advocate working by hand in general that I have an aversion to technology.

Let me set the record straight-I love Technology

No, let me be more specific-I love good tools.

For some reason though the IPhone never captured my attention. I was quite happy with my Blackberry.
But slowly the Droid marketing started working on me.
It is an interesting lesson on what can capture our attention.

First-The look

Unremarkable styling
Soft bland contours
Bland silver color
Slick feel no texture
Probably there is one with a pink cover in every Gucci bag in the Sex and the City Movie

Please-no nasty comments from all you manly Iphone users
This is my emotional buying trip-Okay

Robust styling
Edgy contours
Manly black color-Reminds me of the Stealth Fighter
Matte Texture
Probably Rambo would carry a Droid while blowing away several million or so bad guys.

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Written on May 31, 2010 By Dan O'Connor


In ancient times, men who worked with fire and anvil to form shapes from semi-molten metal, were held to be on the verge of the supernatural. After all, they combined the five elements, earth(iron), air(blast from the bellows), fire(the forge), wood(charcoal), and water(the quench), to create objects always useful and sometimes deadly. Having worked for many years as a bladesmith, I can tell you that most of this “magic” is primarily having the skill and knowledge to manipulate the properties of these various elements.

However, there are times when the rhythm is right, the hammer falls exactly and the fire burns hot and steady. At such times, I can almost feel myself flow into the red hot metal and form it more by thought than by hammer. So, with that idea in mind I will tell you of the DragonSong. Read the rest of this entry »

Written on May 15, 2010 By Dan O'Connor

16 Steps to a Successful Project

1) Approach your project with joy and anticipation.

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