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Written on May 11, 2010 By Dan O'Connor

Building a Foundation Part 3-We all live on a Rare Earth

There can be no discussion of foundations without talking about the ultimate foundation-The Earth we live on. I am a proponent of the Rare Earth Hypothesis. Basically it states that complex life in our galaxy is very, very rare. In a word-US Don’t get me wrong I love the idea of alien races and space [...]

Written on Apr 29, 2010 By Dan O'Connor

Building a Foundation-Part 2

All models are just that-Models
An approximation of the real thing. The accuracy of the model depends on the information available and the skill of the model maker.

Written on Apr 15, 2010 By Dan O'Connor

Building a Foundation

What do you think-too pretentious? Maybe, but that is certainly not the intent here.

The truth is this is a place to get real. I have been a maker all my life and my hands (and elbows, and knees and shirts) are more likely to be dirty than not.
I am kind of like the Pigpen character in the Charlie Brown cartoons-Dirt and disorder just seems to be drawn to me.

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